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Assessments to rule in or out Autism Spectrum Disorders are conducted every Tuesday at 11am by appointment. However, when Dr. Rosin the Consulting Director visits St. Kitts, assessments are held for one week. Dates and times to be determined.

Assessment tools:

  1. Clinical observation
  2. The Modified Checklist for Autism – Revised (M-CHAT–R) Screening Tool
  3. The Childhood Autism Rating Scale – 2ND Edition (CARS-2) – Diagnostic Tool


1. The PLAY Project

What is The PLAY Project?

  • Autism Early Intervention
  • Intensive 15hrs/week
  • Parent implemented
  • Developmental and relationship focused
  • Strength oriented
  • Fun and playful
  • Collaborative
  • Evidence based

PLAY Project therapy also involves coaching parents/caregivers on how to effectively use the PLAY Project at home.

The PLAY Project Motto
“When you do what the child loves, the child will then love to be with you.” -Dr. Rick

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School Observations


We observe students within the school setting, make recommendations, and provide support to teachers.


We offer workshops to educate others about autism and the characteristics of the disorder. We also provide workshops to educate others regarding best practices using evidence-based assessments and interventions.


Sound Therapy

Using the sounds of Gongs, Drums, Bells and Singing Bowls, sound therapy will help children with autism calm their minds and relax their body. Over time this therapy will increase social interaction and communication. The number of sessions needed will depend on the individual child.

Yoga Therapy

Using yoga postures, music and play to engage each child, yoga therapy is an individualized program that will improve concentration and body movement. It is a highly individualized program using fun terms known to children.